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Rise of the Dragon

Rise of the Dragon: an Urban Fantasy (Moonlight Dragon) (Volume 5) - Tricia Owens
This picks up where book 4 left off. We learn who the "Oddsmakers" are, Lev's fate, and what happened to Anne's uncle. There was a lot happening in this one. All-in-all, a satisfying conclusion. I thought everything was wrapped up nicely.


Midnight Magic

Midnight Magic: Paranormal Romance - Ann Gimpel, Angela Kelly, Fiona Jayde

I have mixed emotions about this one, mainly because of Cassie (Cassionetta). On one hand I sympathize with her, because I could see how easy it would be to fall for a guy when one has some self-esteem issues and that person only shows a certain side. On the other hand, I wanted her to buck up and take action, even when it meant asking for help and admitting her mistake. She does, but I found her hard to like. I also would have liked Jeremy to declare his feelings sooner than he did.
And this:

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Gentlemen Prefer Voodoo

Gentlemen Prefer Voodoo (Urban Fantasy Romance) - Angie Fox
Amie is a voodoo practitioner who also owns a voodoo shop. Her mom loved the wrong guys and Amie is adamant she isn't going to make the same mistakes. She breaks down and casts a spell for her to find her "one true love." That spell awakens Dante, who it turns out worked some magic of his own to be able to come back and find his "one true love." 
This was short and sweet. Amie takes some convincing. I thought this worked well as a stand alone.


Doomed Mate

Doomed Mate - Bella Love-Wins
Man, was there a lot going on in this one. Serena and Gunner meet on a plane. Some event happens, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. It turns out, some event has happened that grounded all planes and wiped out phone lines/cell towers. 
I liked the secondary characters and the kindness shown strangers. The romance/attraction happened quickly, but I felt it fit with the plot. The whole born vs made shifter (by a witch and not bitten) was different and not something that was really explored.


The Werewolf's Christmas Wish

The Werewolf's Christmas Wish - Kristen Painter

Bridget owns the neighborhood bar and that's her life. It's Christmas eve and one of her employee's flaked on her leaving her to deliver some alcohol to a N.F. resident. (As Bridget says, he's so fired!). 
It's snowing and she needs a truck. Enter Sam. There has been attraction between them, Sam believes he isn't good enough for her. 
I didn't like Sam making choices for Bridget, but Bridget puts a stop to that. I liked her, she doesn't put up with bullshit. I have the feeling that this couple was featured in an earlier book that I haven't read, but I didn't feel like I was missing out.
This is a series I mean to pick up (I liked the first book; it was free at one point in time), but haven't gotten around to it yet.

A Mate's Wish

A Mate's Wish: (BBW Holiday Paranormal Romance) - P. Jameson

Renner and Bethany first meet when Renner was taken in by her family as a child. Bethany was always kind to him, but there were many moments where he wasn't with her. Because, ya know Reasons.
When it was all said and done, I liked this one. I thought Renner's explanation and honesty once he reconnected with Bethany was important. If he hadn't been honest that would have ruined it for me. Interesting concept that cat shifter's, well the male ones, have multiple partners, but the chosen female is monogamous. That was one the the underlying themes; the whole it's in our nature vs it's totally a choice. Both main characters (and secondary ones) were likable and I wouldn't mind picking up more books in this series/by this author.

Seduced by Santa

Seduced by Santa - Mina Carter

This sums this novella up: A little bit of story, SEX, and a little more story. Would have been nice to have been a little more background on Candy & Rhod. I did like the idea of a whole group of Santa's from the same family unit.


Complication - Elle Thorne
This was an enjoyable novella. Well paced, enjoyable characters, and enough of a background/story to believe the romance. I liked the concept of the shifters having their own court (shifter supreme court or SSC).


Hell for the Holidays

Hell for the Holidays - Celia Kyle
They don't celebrate Christmas in hell. But this year Daman wants to do something special for the "kids." That includes decorating and kidnapping Holly, one of the best window decorators. 
I liked the writing and thought there were many funny moments. Like any time death, die, kill was mentioned, Samael would show up (the demon of death). There are multiple demons names "Daman." However, the relationship moved too fast to be believable. Insta-lust yes. Insta-love nope! Then this major issue (kidnapping). But this kept me interested and entertained last evening.


This looks fun!


All I Want for Christmas

All I Want for Christmas - Jennifer Gracen
This was a nice, sweet story. Sean and Cassie dated for a 1 1/2 years while Cassie was in college. She was 20 to his 23 (if I remember correctly). While at one of Cassie's college events, someone said something to Sean and he broke things off. Fast forward 7 1/2 years and they meet again.
This is one of those 2nd chance romances where they never fell out of love and no one ever matched the first love. Sean makes the effect to talk about his past/insecurities and I thought they were going to move forward, but then Cassie makes a similar mistake to Sean's. *Sigh* But, this time they talk it out (imagine that!). I did think the ending was rushed.
I would have liked to read about Cassie's realization of her boss's behavior as being 100% inappropriate and not "that's how things are." I expected more. Sean called it out for exactly what it was. (Go Sean!).


Freakn' Out

Freakn' Out (Freakn' Shifters) - Eve Langlais

I have mixed feelings about this one. Of all the books in this series, this was the most serious in tone (and had the least amount of sexy times). I liked Derrick and thought he actions (attitude) was realistic for someone with PTSD and dealing with life changing events (his paralysis).
I was disappointed in Janine. She had some BIG daddy issues that she hadn't gotten over and (of course) this affected her relationship with Derrick. To a point I understood her, and then not. 
Not the best, not the worst (Jungle Freakn' Bride just pissed me off) in this series.

For Seven Nights Only

For Seven Nights Only (Chase Brothers) - Sarah Ballance

Kelsie is the maid of honor at her sister's wedding and she desperately doesn't want to go alone (the best man is her ex and the groom's brother). Sawyer is an upstairs neighbor with an revolving door of women. They come to an agreement that he will help her land a date to the wedding.
Firstly, who invites a blind date- someone they have NEVER met to their home?! They've conversed online only. Yeah, no, that was stupid. I was ambivalent about Kelsie (aside from inviting a stranger to her home). I outright didn't like Sawyer. He was a man-whore who get jealous whenever Kelsie would talk to another guy. That was the whole point of taking her under his wing. But, wait! Kelsie is different!! I think what drew Sawyer to Kelsie was she didn't fall at his feet. I just couldn't get into the romance.

Hark The Herald Angel Falls

Hark the Herald Angel Falls - Michele Hauf

This was a little different. Luke and Merit are celebrating their 1 year wedding anniversary when they are attacked by vampires. Merit dies, leaving Luke a vampire. He mourns her. A year later, she Falls. His inability to let her go is keeping her from getting her halo.
This was nice, but had a lot of insta-love. I say that because Merit had no memory of Luke or her life from a year prior, but is drawn to him. Nice resolution. I also liked the tie-in with Francois (a homeless man Luke helps) at the end.

Cards & Caravans

Cards & Caravans - Cindy Spencer Pape
Well paced, enjoyable. I could believe Belinda and Connor's interest and later love. I've enjoyed this alternate world.


Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing: A Sin City Collectors novella - Kristen Painter
I think that was the weakest of this series for me. I just couldn't get into it. If Gage and Minka had just TALKED!


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