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I'm a registered nurse whose specialization is end of life care (hospice).  Reading gives me that escape I need.  I read primarily romance in all genres.



Lord Dashwood Missed Out

Lord Dashwood Missed Out - Tessa Dare

This was short and sweet. I liked that he couldn't forget her and is supportive of her desire to continue writing. Looking forward to Charlotte's story (it's about time!).

Desire Untamed

Desire Untamed - Pamela Palmer

I'm torn on my rating for this one, so I settled on the rating after I wrote this.
Kara was raised human. She is the Feral Warrior's Radiant, unbeknownst to her. Lyon (yes, that's his name and it is a literal name too) has "finding" ability and is the one tasked to hunt her down. So, he kidnaps her, from the only home she's known, and takes her to the Warriors home. This will come as a huge surprise: they are both hot for each other. I know, I was so surprised too!
Fun fact time! Lyon heals injuries........with his tongue. Here's a another fun fact: A lick magically heals.......and causes orgasms. At inappropriate times. Sometimes with an audience.
I didn't like how Lyon kidnapped Kara. He didn't tell her what she needed to know. Any choice was taken away from her. I didn't like the Pairing (it's capitalized in the book)- again choice taken away and put in the hands of something mystical (and therefore always right). Any power Kara had was taken away, she was treated as property.
There are (only) 2 other main (being generous) female characters in this book. One, Pink, is a servant who cooks and cleans for the 9 grown men. The other, who is nameless because I don't want to be too spoilery, existed for competition, to be a bitch, and was the (powerful) villain.
And what is up with the names? We are talking Kougar, Wulfe, Paenther, Tighe, Vhyper. Jag, Lyon, and Foxx aren't bad compared to these. (IMO). Then there is the Daemons and Satanan (evil ones).
Despite it all, I kept reading. I waffled between a 1 or 2 stars. So, this is 1.5*
The rest of this series? Hell nope!


Daysider (Nightsiders) - Susan Krinard

Okay, were to start? This was a somewhat interesting dystopian, vampire story. Damon, is a Daysider, a not-quite vampire nor human that needs blood to survive and can go out in the sun. He works for the vampires. Alexia is a Dhampir, half human and half vampire. Some need blood to survive, others don't. She works for the humans.
Not cut and dry, unbeknownst to either of them, they were part of an experiment. They fall in lust, not quite trusting the other. For the length, there was just too much going on, many characters, and multiple different names for the same thing. (The vampires called themselves Opir, the humans called them Nightsiders and on it went).

Always on My Mind

Always On My Mind - Jill Shalvis

Leah and Jack, best friends since childhood, both are interested in more. Both have hangups from childhood. Leah much more so than Jack. Suffice to say, her father was a major asshole. Jack's mother was in treatment for cancer, so to help her feel better, Leah told a little fib. What ensues next is a nice friends to lovers story.
I liked seeing some secondary characters. Lucille and the Seniors are a hoot. Secondary storyline about an arsonist added (very) minor suspense to the story.
Ben's story is next and he is funny in this one.

The Geomancer

The Geomancer: Vampire Empire: A Gareth and Adele Novel - Clay Griffith, Susan Griffith

I really liked the original trilogy.   So, I picked this up.  I liked the world; vampires are evil parasites in this one.  Adele and Gareth both continue to be unique characters.  Adele, the Empress, had the power to harm vampires.  Gareth, her lover and a vampire, was different.  This picks up after the events of the last book.  The vampires have been defeated....or have they?

The Witchfinder, the new Big Bad, is introduced.  He has found a way to help and protect the vampires from Adele.  He is powerful (shocker, right?).  What follows is an adventure. Adele and Gareth travel to France, Tibet.  They meet up with previous and new secondary characters.  I think what frustrated me was, this wasn't that different from the previous trilogy.  Adele and Gareth have the some Issues in this book.  I don't think their relationship developed that much.  Blah, blah, blah.  I just didn't care about these characters like I used to.  

Luckily, the original trilogy kicks ass and stands on it's own just fine.  Without this one.  

(And yes, I looked back at my reviews (or book thoughts) and noted some loose ends at the end of book 3- it's been long enough and I don't remember what they were anymore. But I do remember being happy and satisfied).


For Booklikes-opoly Railroad #14- overseas travel, 329 pages= $3

Hunter's Moon

Hunter's Moon (Tales of the Sazi, Book 1) - 'C. T. Adams',  'Cathy Clamp'

Interesting concept. Sue wants to die, so she hires Tony, an assassin to off her. Told in first person, Tony's POV, also different. What came next was also interesting.
At first I wondered why Sue was a well known face, didn't have to wait long, it's found out in chapter 2. I was a little disappointed in both Sue and Tony. Neither are that sympathetic or likeable. Sue was such a pushover and doormat. Instead of contemplating suicide, there were so many other ways to get away from her dreadful family! Tony is unapologetic for what he does for a living.
What worked for me is the support each gave the other and acceptance for who they were, without changing. I liked that Sue went into therapy. For 2 characters that I didn't like at first, I liked them both by the end and was entertained by their journey.
The "Sazi" are brought up in the last part of the book, could have used more info about them. Good start to a new series. (That's been out for awhile now, but new to me).

Mixed Signals

Mixed Signals (Off the Grid) - Alyssa Cole

Maggie gets her turn. She was 16 or so in the first 2 books. Typical, bratty teen in those books IMO.
Fast forward 4 years and Maggie is going off on her own for an education. It was nice Maggie got her story. She left home, found love, saved the world, and returned home. I liked the epilogue, she's going to continue to do good things. (Not to mention no longer the bratty person she was).

Hunting Down Dragons

Hunting Down Dragons: an Urban Fantasy (Moonlight Dragon Book 2) - Tricia Owens

Anne and her quirky friends are back. More is found out about the "Oddmakers." Will be interesting what job the Oddmakers have her do (assuming for future book). She did find out more about that happened to her parents and was able to get some closure (and vengeance).
The cameos continue their creepiness "Death to Anne Moody."


For Square #24 Adventureland.  Exotic animal on cover.  Dragon.

Out of this World

Out Of This World - Jill Shalvis

I shouldn't be surprised, there are a handful of JS's earlier books that just aren't that great. This is one of them. Rachel inherits a B&B in Alaska. She lives in LA and decided to fly out. I almost put this down in the first chapter. Rachel was annoying and an idiot. I thought it would get better. Hint, it doesn't!
It's told in first person (which I don't have an issue with), alternating between Kellan and Rachel (which wasn't needed). It starts out contemporary switching to paranormal after Rachel gets hit by lightening and develops abilities. Make up your mind what you want to be! I wanted to throw book across the room (and I probably should have, it's a discarded library book I bought for 50 cents at the library sale). It would have been cathartic.
I should have DNF'd this. Skip it and don't waste your time. Her newer stuff is so much better. (Lucky Harbor I'm looking at you!).


Read this for the Railroad #3 square (travel across the US).  It would work for Railroad #14 too (suitcases on cover).  But using it for #3.  

Beautiful Danger

Beautiful Danger (In the Company of Vampires #1) - Michele Hauf

Domingos, a vampire, is kidnapped and tortured by a werewolf pack. He vows revenge and is in the process of exacting it when he meets Lark. Lark is a vampire hunter, hired by the werewolf pack to track and kill Domingos.
Both have not-so-great backstories. I liked that both were vulnerable. Domingos hears music and difficulty seeing when exposed to UV light. I really didn't understand how the Order of the Stake (nice name, huh?) didn't have a problem killing vampires, but let the werewolf pack get away so much before doing anything about it.
Decent and different.

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Still need to pick and finish a book from previous roll, but hey, more rolls?!  Let's do it!

Roll 1:  11- #34 Tomorrowland 

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Roll 3:  12- #14 Railroad (and doubles so....)

Roll 4:  9-  #22 Railroad


Now off to pick books.......


Tamed - Emma Chase

Having read the first 2 (Tangled and Twisted), I was interested in reading Matthew's and Dee's (Delores) story. I knew they were a couple and got married, but I was interested enough to want to read their story (and Matthew is not Drew).
Like every couple, they have their Issues. Dee, I think, more than Matthew. Everything (of course) works out in the end. I did like the writing, it's snappy and interesting. I will say this, for the book it is, it kinda sucks when one of the best characters is a 4 year old girl.
The next and last (Tied) is back to Drew and Kate. No plans on reading (I've had enough of Drew). I do like the writing, so will check out author's other books.


Published in 2014 for #18 Carsland



1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?

Boise, Idaho!  We are on Mountain time, so 2 hours behind the East coast.

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?

Mood reader, so I don't have one.  At now right now at least.

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?

Anything chocolate.  I love ginger too.  And pizza.

4) Tell us a little something about yourself!

I love to read (well, duh!).  

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?

I want to read more.  I was disappointed in myself last time.  I didn't read as much as I wanted.  I'm also planning on donating something to one of the organizations listed on Dewey's page (I just haven't decided which one....)

Booklikes-opoly next roll:

On #16 Carsland.  Rolled a 1+1 (damn doubles)= #18 Carsland (read a book published in 2006, 2011, 2013, or 2014).


2nd roll (since doubles), luckily not doubles again- 3+4= # 24 Adentureland (set in Africa or Asia or animal on cover).

 #18 will be easy, will have to see what I have for #24.....


Bank at $29

The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires

The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires - Molly Harper

This book focuses on Iris. She runs a vampire concierge service that happens to be the only one of it's kind in Half Moon Hollow. She does the things vampires don't want to (or can't) do. She was dropping off the contract for a new client when she found him on his kitchen floor. After offering her a nice sum of money, she took him home, putting him in the basement.
What follows is a dislike of each other that blossoms into more. I really liked Iris. She is sarcastic, fun, intelligent. She gave up a lot to be able to raise her younger sister when their parents were killed. I enjoyed the interactions between her and Gigi (17 years old). The interactions between Cal and Gigi was also hilarious. I liked how well he integrated into their family.
Cal was harder to like at first, but he got much better. Jane, Andrea, and Jolene also make appearances here. (Not necessary to read Jane's books first, but I think I enjoyed this more because I read them first). Liked the elements of botany in the mystery. The who-done-it was easily guessed, but I found I didn't care!
Looking forward at other books in the series, I see Gigi gets her own book! Unfortunately it doesn't look like she majored in nursing at the U of K like mentioned in this book. (Bummer, since I am one).


Booklikes-opoly:  #16 Carsland book has 356 pages

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The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires - Molly Harper

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Rolled a 5 and 3= 8 to move me to #16 Carsland- read a book that page count ends in a 1,2,6, or 9.  


This book ends in a 6 (356 pages).

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