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I'm a registered nurse whose specialization is end of life care (hospice).  Reading gives me that escape I need.  I read primarily romance in all genres.




Unclaimed - Courtney Milan

Jessica made a bad decision when she was 14. Mark's upbringing gave him a unique view on sex. I loved having the roles reversed. Jessica starts out with the goal of seducing Mark to win a bet that will get her out of her current life. Instead she falls in love. At first I didn't like Jessica. But once her story came out, I both liked and sympathized with her. I thought Mark fit her very well.
I was surprised at how Mark's viewpoints on sex were so popular with other men (yeah, right). I appreciated how he was clear that women weren't the enemy or to be blamed for other's actions.
Looking forward to Smite's story (yes, that is his name!).

The Abandoned

The Abandoned  - Amanda Stevens

I decided to finally start this book because I have the first 3 book in this series to read (and they will probably fit for Bingo). Oh my, this was good! I started and couldn't put it down!
Ree is a psychology student who overhears something she shouldn't. A ghost also attaches herself to her. A ghost hunter, Hayden, helps her. Amelia is introduced.
I am intrigued!

Signal Boost

Signal Boost (Off the Grid) - Alyssa Cole

John catches Mykhail in his family's garden. They take him in. After finding out he is going to a nearby University to seek his professor (who predicted this would happen). We find out what happened! In theory, this *could* happen real life. (Unlikely the whole world, which from what I understand, happened in this one).
The romance was sweet, Mykhail coming out (so to speak). I was heartbroken when reading what happened to Mykhail's grandma. I appreciated that the reader found out what happened and some resolution happened.
Looking for to Maggie's story. Hope it's not too angsty.

The Night is Mine

The Night Is Mine - M.L. Buchman

Emily is the first female fighter pilot in the 160th Airwing. Mark is her captain. Good start; flying missions in Afghanistan. Emily is then called to the US to work undercover as a chef for the First Lady. Someone is trying to kill her. Maybe.
I liked the mystery of what was happening, the who-done-it. Emily is mostly perfect. There doesn't seem to be anything she can't do. I liked her, but didn't love her. The same goes for Mark. I was invested enough that I wanted to see what happened.
I thought the book was too detailed in some things (descriptions of the aircraft/flying for example) and other scenes felt like filler (for example the "battle" with Adams). This took me out of the story. For a romance, I would term this "romance-lite." There really isn't much IMO.
It was written well, just not to my taste.

Aces Wild

Aces Wild: Sin City Collectors Novella - Amanda  Carlson

Neve and Jake had meet before when she had a fight in his bar, wrecked his bike, and ended up in his bed. Problem is, they have completely different memories of that night. This picks up 3 years after that. Neve is a Collector. She "arrests" supes. She is assigned a vampire and for this one, they assign her a partner. Yep, you guessed it! Jake!
This was well paced. I thought everything was explained well. The villain was a good one. For the length, this packed a nice punch. Looks like the next book by this author (book 3 in this series) will feature Diesel and Sofia who were both introduced in this one.

The Black Lily

The Black Lily (Tales of the Black Lily) - Juliette Cross

This was a wonderful retelling of Cinderella (well, kind of- it's different!). Arabella is *the* Black Lily. She is going to kill Prince Marius. There have been peasants found on the edge of the forest, murdered, drained of blood. Something goes awry during the assassination. Marius is still alive, but intrigued and curious. He has his doubts, opinions about what a good leader does/should be.
I thought Marius was very ignorant of what was going on right under his nose. But, he learns quickly and is open to learning more. He and Arabella fit well together. I liked the mysterious forest and the wolves. There is a good cast of secondary characters. I want Sienna, Mina, and Nikolai to get stories too! I most definitely want the next story...now!!

eARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing/NetGalley
Out 4/3


Twisted  - Emma Chase

Thus continues Kate and Drew's story. This opens up almost 2 years into their relationship. Things are going great. Until, they don't.
Wow, the mother of all misunderstandings. Yes, Kate lied about where she was going, but Drew's over-reaction took the cake. They didn't act like a couple who had been together 2 years. Both acted immaturely, one much more than the other. I thought Kate forgave too quickly and Drew didn't grovel enough.
The writing is snappy and I like the humor. But, I think, Drew is just too cocky, arrogant, and mean for my taste. I didn't like his nickname for his sister. It was inappropriate, mean, and didn't have any other purpose, IMO.
I will read Tamed since it's about Matthew and Delores. I really like Delores, so I'm reading her story for sure. Tied- probably not since it's about Kate and Drew (and narrated by Drew). I just don't see him getting less arrogant and cocky, and getting some empathy and modesty.

Her Secret Ranger

Her Secret Ranger - Donna Michaels

Brick is part owner of the ranch/construction co that employs former military to help them acclimate to a civilian life. Beth is an event planner in town for her best friend's wedding. She and Brick meet at a bar and get it one. This opens with them meeting for a second time unexpectedly.
I'm not too crazy about the "I can't date you because my best friend is your brother!" trope. What two adults do is their business and that's it. I did like how Beth stood up to her brother. Finally.
Overlook that, and this was an engaging story about two lonely people finding each other. I liked Beth and Brick, both fit in well and compliment the other. The rest of the crew makes appearance here; Stone and Jovy (from book 1), Vince, Leo, and Cord. And I can't forget Lula Bell!
Looks like Cord's book is next (with Haley).

eARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing/NetGalley
Released March 6th

The Lost Wolf's Destiny

The Lost Wolf's Destiny - Karen Whiddon

Blythe's daughter is sick. Exhausting her resources, Blythe turns to Jacob Gideon. Jacob promises to heal her daughter Hailey.
Granted, if Blythe had listened to her instincts we wouldn't have had a story. Her instincts are good ones (and she is a Shifter too). So, despite she being an idiot, I got into the story. I could see someone who loved their kid, doing something desperate and ignoring everything else. Lucas was a good hero, wounded, but was able to overcome. I liked that there was more going on then at first appeared.

Close Encounters

Close Encounters - Katherine Allred

Kiera is a GEP (Genetically Enhanced Person) who works for Alien Affairs. I thought this was interesting. See, a corporation will commission a GEP and they will be created for a specific job(s). What I didn't care too much for was how Keira was the best of the GEP (she's been enhanced far more than the average one). It was too much she is "special." Alien Affairs has rules/regulations that exist to protect indigenous species for evil corporations. Kiera is their best agent (any surprise there?).
I did like the mystery- what is happening to the Buri? Are they really dying out? Are they original to the planet? Overall, I liked this.

Bound by Flames

Bound by Flames - Jeaniene Frost

Leila and Vlad are still figuring out their marriage. Vlad is still pulling Alpha-hole moves. The Big Bad is still alive. What could go wrong?
Plenty it turns out. Parts of this book were so much better than book 2, but other parts pissed me off. That's way this is the lowest rated JF book for me, right now. It turns out, Leila is kidnapped. Again. Just like in book 2. Even worse, she was tortured, etc. Leila just couldn't get a break. My only consolation was, she wasn't kidnapped because she did something stupid. So, see, progress!
I did like Gretchen more in this one. I didn't like her dad. I despise this in real like and on the page; I hate how character's choices (no matter how stupid or not) are taken away from them. You know, "for their own good." Leila's insecure, negative voice needs to take a hike too.
I still like the characters. The writing draws you in. I want a happy ending for Vlad and Leila. I'm a bit torn about the next book. Mainly because (from reading the synopsis) the plot is similar to previous (using their love for each other as a weapon). I plan on reading a few friends reviews first before buying. Or not. (But I probably still will buy and read it).


River Marked

River Marked - Patricia Briggs

Mercy and Adam, just married, go on their honeymoon. What could happen? Well, it turns out certain supernaturals encouraged this trip. There is a monster that lives in the river that it killing people. So, I think you can guess who is tasked with handling it.
I can't believe I'm giving this a 3. But, it was harder for me to get into. It was easy to put down and I got distracted easily. I really liked Mercy learning more about her heritage. These were the best parts of the book. What I missed, was the Pack. It was weird them being away from home. I am interested if some of the new characters make appearances in later books.
Still an awesome series.


I will use this for Free Space.  (Might change; I haven't updated my card.  Would work for Interracial Couple too)

A Simple Gift

A Simple Gift - Christine Pope

A nice story about Anika and Sarzhin's first Christmas. Anika's parents see Sarzhin for the first time. The parents didn't know anything about their daughter's relationship and this is a nice, little story where they find out. Anika also has a nice surprise for them.

Breath of Life

Breath of Life - Christine Pope

Anika is a homesteader's daughter that is stuck on Lathvin. Lathvin is a planet that is currently being terra-formed to be an inhabited planet. There are multiple different types of aliens. One is the Zhore. They are secretive and not much is known. Sarzhin is a Zhore. Anika's father has an accident. Sarzhin wants Anika, so Anika decides to go and stay since her family can't afford a lawsuit. (Should he try to sue).
I would have liked more background information. Given the length, there wasn't much. I still enjoyed the story once I get involved. I wish Anika hadn't been so fixated on what Sarzhin looked like. Some sexy times would have been nice too. Overall, I was interested in the world and am curious. I am open to reading book 2 or book 3 (I have book 3; was a freebie at one time). I think this could be a series that could be okay to read out of order.


Using this for the fairy tale retelling square.

Come Away With Me

Come Away With Me (With Me in Seattle, #1) - Kristen Proby

Oh man, this opens with Nat taking pictures at the beach when a stranger suddenly approaches her and gets in her face. Luke demands Nat give him her camera. WTF? So, that inappropriate behavior gets a pass 'cause, like, Luke is soooooo hot. I was tempted to DNF this one, but this worked for a few challenges. Did I mention how hot Luke was?
All-in-all, not bad, not great. I'm not quite sure why this book is so popular, but to each her/his own:-) I thought Luke was insecure, possessive, and secretive. I had a hard time believing he was 28. For all his issues, he read so much younger. Nat, I liked a little better, she was much more open with Luke.
This is also told in first person (Natalie, Luke in the epilogue). It was okay, but I could have done with less play-by-play- "I lock up the studio and head into the house." "Baby" and "Honey" get way too much screen time.


Using this one for the secret billionaire square.  

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