Black & White

Black and White - Caitlin Kittredge, Jackie Kessler

That was a fucking fantastic read.  The book flashes back and forth between present and past.  I thought Jet (Joannie) and Iridium (Callie) were well-written and developed.  Both had issues that they had to deal with and had so many layers.


A bit innocent to the point of gullible which makes her stupid.  Willfully ignorant when she is confronted with other view points other than her own.  I thought she didn't think for herself, but rather bought what other people told her.  I started out liking her, but then didn't like her.  I wanted to shout to her *Think!*  Luckily this does change and by the end of the book I liked her again.


Colored by her past as well as others inability or refusal to see past it.  She thinks for herself.  She also doesn't get the benefit of the doubt and most think the worst of her (because of her past).  I liked Iridium from page one and she is without a doubt my favorite.  

Iridium and Jet's relationship with each other, the Corp, and others show that not everything is black and white.  Jet is a superhero and therefore "good."  Iridium is a villain and therefore "bad."  But is Jet really, truly good?  Is Iridium really, truly bad?  There is a lot going behind the scenes that the reader eventually finds out as the book unfolds. 

There is something of *almost* everything; whether it is action, mystery, fantasy, betrayal.  And superheroes!