Hunter of Shadows

Hunter of Shadows - Nancy Gideon

Silas and Nica (Monica) are both strong, likeable, awesome characters that have complicated back-stories.  What made this interesting, was the mystery and complexity of those back-stories.  Silas and Nica gradually realize they can share a common goal.  Charlotte and Max are secondary characters in this one, but still are central to the plot.  I liked the opportunity to read about other characters in this unique world.  I see (and hope) Charlotte, Max, Nica and Silas will continue to be secondary characters in the other books that I have yet to read in this series.  I hope their stories are only beginning especially with the bombshell about one of them at the end of this book.

Information is revealed in this book related to the underlying plot-line that started with the first book, Masked by Moonlight.  The mystery continues....(What are the Shifters/Trackers/Ancients and how do some of them have abilities that none of the others do?  How do they fit (or not) in the hierarchy?  Who is kidnapping Shifter women? How does that fit into the overall plot-line?  Will Alain get his shit together?)