Born (B Cubed)

B Cubed: Born (B Cubed #1) - Jenna McCormick

This dystopian/post-apocalyptic world is an interesting one. Due to weather extremes, people live underground and rely on thermal suits when they aren't. A segment of the population are privileged (Born). Born men have all the power; Born women serve the men. The Bred are slaves. The Borg are enhanced and they are feared by the Born and Bred. Not all is at is seems.
Plot is sacrificed because of the length (at just over 100 pages) and sexy times. This would have been better (I think) if longer. I wasn't crazy about this in the beginning. One character whipped the other when the other found a forbidden book. The whippee than prostituted themselves out so the other wouldn't turn them in. Then, of course, neither Allora and Cormack are what they seem.
Cliches abound. Virginity- "Let him be the one to capture her maidenhead." Penis size- "...but imagining that monster inside her body...he'd rend her in two." Insta-love- "Only One." This story takes place in about a day.