Declan and Tori

Declan and Tori - Shiloh Walker

I liked the beginning. Tori is a PI who helps a young woman escape a vampire. She fights him and is turned against her will. She meets up with Declan. Both have been attracted to each other, but never acted on it. Sexy times ensue. Then it all went downhill once they went to Eli's house.
I didn't like the added sexual relationship with Eli. It was creepy and I felt unnecessary. I would have liked more attention paid to plot (like what are Hunters, the Huntress legend, etc). Some of the wording in the sex scenes made me cringe. I felt there was a question of consent a few times as well. Several of the scenes didn't feel loving. Several of the word choices had me laughing. Not sexy. And what's up with all the anal play?
"...spearing his hands through her hair and guiding her resistant mouth back to his cock."
"But Tori relaxed her throat as much as she could, taking his length in, inch after inch, until her airway was blocked." (Sexy, right?) Then there's this a few sentences later- " deep hard ones that bruised her throat."
"I don't know if I've ever sodomized a hole that damned tight before."
"...while he jack-hammered his cock inside her..."
"...stretching her to the point of pain."
"...gripped her waist as he forced her face down over a chair..."
"...both men limited her control of her own body."
NOT counting ass; anus and anal were used a total of 11 times; add another 6 for hole; another 5 for rosette. (Yes Tori's anus was called a "pink rosette.")