He Ain't Lion

He Ain't Lion (Ridgeville) - Celia Kyle

So, this started out very good and I liked the humor.  The potential was there, but a few things bothered me. 

I liked that Maya was into sex and honest about wanting a one-night stand.  What bothered me was Maya constantly calling herself a "slut."  There is absolutely nothing positive or empowering about that word.  "Slut" was used a total of 8 times by Maya referring to herself.  (This is a novella of 60ish pages).  8 times.

The other thing I disliked was Alex's decision to unilaterally, with no input or consent from Maya, to turn her.

Take out this word/plot device and this would have been much more enjoyable.  Had it not had these elements, this erotic novella would have been worthy of a 4 star rating.