Whatever He Needs Her To Be

Whatever He Needs Her To Be - Elixa Everett

Different. Think Pretty Woman (but with a main character that can shift into any shape). I felt it glamorized Selene's chosen profession. A point was made (more than once) that she made so much money that she didn't have to work should she decide to do so. Also mentioned all the stuff (jewellery and cars) she got as presents. Very materialistic. When she meets Anthony, she admires his car, his clothing, and later his apartment filled with stuff.
She later starts over with a new face/body. Anthony feels there is something familiar about her (of course he does!). I felt through most of the book, I didn't know who Selene was. Anthony likes running, so Selene does (even though she doesn't). It ended abruptly still not knowing who Selene/Simone/Gwen was.
Not bad, but not great.