The Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance

The Mammoth Book of Ghost Romance - Trisha Telep, Sharon Shinn, Christie Ridgway, Holly Lisle, Liz Maverick, Dru Pagliassotti, Caridad PiƱeiro, Jennifer Estep, Gwyn Cready, Carolyn Crane, Jeannie Holmes, Anna Campbell, Julia London
I didn't read *every* story in this anthology. If it didn't grab me quickly, I didn't bother. My top 3:
Old Salt- liked the story of the haunting ghost
Haints and Hobwebs- This is what a short story in a series should do! I haven't started the Elemental Assassin series yet and I wasn't lost. Enjoyable.
Seventeen Coppers- Ro was a great character, but I felt she needed a little too much rescuing.