Night Resurrected

Night Resurrected - Joss Ware

This one was a let down. Both the story and the main couple were disappointing.  For the final book, I expected more and sure as hell didn't get it. 

I get that Wyatt lost his family.  That doesn't give him an excuse to be an asshole.  I didn't like how he treated Remy.  He was slightly better by the end (but only slightly).

The ending.  Could that have been any more abrupt?  Or rushed?  There were so many lose ends.  Last book in series = closure.  Nope.  Not in this case.

I see that there is a novella just published in (per B&N 1-11-15), but it looks like it is more of an introduction then a continuation of the events of book 6.  On the fence whether or not I will get it.