The Eldritch Conspiracy

The Eldritch Conspiracy - Cat Adams

Very abrupt beginning.  It felt like I had missed a book.  The love triangle is rather abruptly "resolved."  Celia and this other person had a misunderstanding/disagreement (whatever) that happened off the pages.  Of course that leaves the one I don't like.  He treated Celia badly in past.

I am a bit tired of the "must hate/dislike/be jealous" of Celia for (IMO) are stupid or unexplained reasons.  I do think Celia finally accepts herself for who she is, but has stagnated when it comes to fully using her abilities.

Overall, this was a bit frustrating read for me.  Not sure if I want to bother reading the next and apparently last book (To Dance With the Devil).  Anyone read it?  Better?