Don't normally do personal posts.....

But making an exception in this case. 

Earlier this week, my uncle and cousin were in a crosswalk where they were struck by a SUV.  Both sustained traumatic brain injuries.  My uncle will live.  We will not know the extent of his injury for some time, except to say he will need a lot of therapy and months of recovery.  My cousin on the other hand, had such a traumatic injury there was nothing they could do.  Her intracranial hemorrhage got so bad so fast she suffered complete brain death.  She was being kept alive by a ventilator.  My aunt, with the support of her parents, made one of the most difficult decisions a parent will ever make.  She loved her enough to let her go.


And that brings me to the point of this post.  My aunt chose to donate Juniper's organs.  Through her unselfish choice, she has given an 8 month old baby a new heart and a chance at a normal life.  Her liver went to another baby and other chance of a normal life.  Her kidneys to an adult who will not have to spend hours shackled to a dialysis machine.  Her corneas to 2 different people who will be able to see the world in a new light.  Her life was a gift.  Not enough families chose organ donation when faced with the choice.  I am an organ donor.  I've told my family and trust that they will honor my wish should the unthinkable happen.


And I also want to say, slow down.  You'll get there.  Be safe.