Royal Date

Royal Date - Sariah S. Wilson

I'm sucker for re-told fairy-tales. When I first started, it was hard to tell where this one would go. It got better. A few different word choices here and there. Both Kat and Nico and the secondary characters are all likeable. Kat had a horrible childhood. She overcame that was about to graduate with a masters in social work. Based on that, there are a few things that Kat says and does that I felt were out of character for her. (For example, she makes a joke about domestic violence).
Tropes abound: William, Kate, and George make an appearance. (Whoops- I mean Alexander, Caitlin, and James). Poor girl, rich boy (who is also royalty), rich best friend, virgin heroine, mean ex-girlfriend.
It also worth noting that Kat DOES finish her thesis and graduates! It could easily have gone in a different direction from that.
Recommended for those that like sweet stories with no sex, kissing only.