Allegiance Sworn

Allegiance Sworn - Kylie Griffin

I enjoyed the first book, the second one dragged a bit, but this one? From the get-go it held my attention with multiple things going on. I adored Imhara. She was smart, strong when she needed to be, and gave a little when she needed too. Arek was another strong, enjoyable character. I enjoyed seeing his transformation from angry and bitter to someone loving and trusting. Imhara and Arek's relationship is believable and very well done.
I liked several of the side characters and am curious if they will get their own stories too.


Of note- this is definitely NOT a trilogy even though there are only 3 published books. It looks like these 3 were the only contracted books with a publisher. Book 4 is currently being written and might be self-published; anyway, I signed up for the newsletter so I know when next book will be available. (And I suppose there's a chance it may never be)
Recommended for romantic fantasy fans.