Jane Bites Back

Jane Bites Back - Michael Thomas Ford

Well, it kept me entertained even if it had it's annoyances.  It picked up for me about halfway through.  Lucy was my favorite character.  She was fun!  Jane, well, a bit boring.  I hated, HATED the Charlotte Bronte twist. 

Why can't two beautiful, sweet women who were definitely living in a man's world during the time their books were published get along.  Yes, I know in real life Jane died when Charlotte was 1, but in this book both are vampires.  I wish that particular plot line was done differently.  Why can't we have some girl power?

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The whole Byron/Brian thing got old really fast.  Jane couldn't seem to make up her mind how she really felt about him.  She had moments where she'd stand up to him, and then not. 

Not a bad book and might appeal to Jane Austen fans.  I, personally, am glad I read it, but probably won't be picking up the next.