Blood Rights

Blood Rights - Kristen Painter

Can I say I love, love the cover!  Too bad the book doesn't live up to the cover.  The first half is a bit slow going.  The last half picks up. 

Liked:  the world building.  I appreciated how vampires, varcolai, and fae came into being.  I will say the varcolai and fae are much more interesting and unique.  The vampires, while their origin is somewhat unique, have (largely) the same disabilities found in myth (daylight, consecrated things and ground= bad, permission to enter private spaces, etc).   l also liked the idea of having secret assassins.  The twists (some are suspected, others more of a surprise).

What I didn't:  I thought both Chrysabelle and Malkolm were a little too full of angst.  I got tired of hearing how special and different (from the other comarre) Chrysabelle was.  No variety in the looks of the comarre/comar (all perfectly white and blonde with their gold tattoos (signum) making them "glow."  Only allowed to wear white.)  Purity = value, wholesomeness, and desirability.  

What I wish was different:  Tatiana.  She strove for power and a woman who desires power= bad.  So let's make her overwrought, extreme, and overdone.  Her heritage is Roma (gypsy).  The Roma, (generalizing here) tend to be darker complected.  So I didn't like this message:  Chrysabelle = white = good; Tatiana = dark = evil.  Now that may be reading way too much in a work of fiction and I usually don't think about/pick up things like that in books I read, but in this one, I did. 

On the fence about continuing this series.