Running with the Pack

Running with the Pack - Mike Resnick, C.E. Murphy, Carrie Vaughn, Laura Anne Gilman, Lawrence Schimel, Susan Palwick, Jeffrey Ford, Peter Bell, Marie Brennan, Steve Duffy, Amanda Downum, Samantha Henderson, Jesse Bullington, Karen Everson, Ekaterina Sedia, Geoffrey Goodwin, Genevieve Valentine,

I bought this one for the Carrie Vaughn story "Wild Ride." However, I've already read that one in Kitty's Greatest Hits. Oops. I was able to get into a few others and they were really good!
Blended (CE Murphy)
Oh how sweet the vengeance! This one was good. Marketa was a pup when her pack was hunted, she was the lone survivor. She was taken in by another werewolf and taught how to blend in as human. So she learns and bides her time. I loved the ending.
Mongrel (Maria V Snyder)
This one was very interesting. Unique. Homeless woman (she's 18!) who takes in dogs that no one wants. She rescues one....only he isn't a dog. I think this was my favorite.