The Fire Lord's Lover

The Fire Lord's Lover - Kathryne Kennedy

I've been putting this book off since I DNF'd another book by this author (My Unfair Lady).  So, thanks to Bookshelf Bingo to get it off my list.

This has an interesting alternate history premise.  Well, it would be assuming the fae, dragons, and magic were real.  So imagine England taken over by the fae.  Multiple wars are fought to see who has the privilege of "capturing" the King.  Those that fight and die are human and half-breeds.  Killing and harming are all fun and games.  The fae are evil, evil, evil.  (Did I mention how evil they were?)  So, all the elements were there for an awesome kick-ass story. 

But......not really.  At least for me.  Cassandra.  She's been groomed to be the Fire King's bride and is also trained as an assassin.  Cool.  But, wait for it....her talent is dancing or death dance.  Um...okay...that's different. 

Dominic.  I hated him.  I really don't care that much for arranged marriage romances.  What I really didn't like was they fell into bed right away (really, what did I expect it was set in the 1700s- bad me!).  What made it so totally unbelievable was she fall IN LOVE right away.  To react in this way when, having sex was the most interaction they've had, was ridiculous.  Now, they had previous, brief visits where Dominic "...treated her with a disinterest bordering on contempt."   She had this reaction with a kiss- "Cass's heart flipped over."  Oh hell no.  And that's not all.  She has to continually see him touch and kiss his mistress.  Now I get this was an act, but really.  No.  

The only good part of the book was dear old dad (Mor'ded) got what was coming to him.  

Multiple references to God, Lord, pray/prayer.  (At least 48)