Demon Hunting in Dixie

Demon Hunting in Dixie - Lexi George

Deep breath. There was a moment that really pissed me off. Let's get that out of the way first. If I wasn't reading this for Bingo, it probably would have been DNF'd.
Brand and Addy (Adara) are the main characters. So, of course, Brand is a walking wet dream. I guess that gives him the excuse to behave in less than desirable ways. Okay, so the first kiss happens very fast, especially (or because of) "The Dalvahni do not experience emotion." The he leaves after an interruption. Comes back when Addy is in the shower, goes to bed, and proceeds to watch her sleep. Watching her shower and sleep is such a turn-on that he proceeds to touch her while she is sleeping. Addy, or course, responds to said touching and gradually wakes up. They get interrupted again. Her first response is not (I repeat not) what the fuck are you doing?! No her first reaction is this, "God she was such a skank, a hoochie mama, a slut of biblical proportions." Instead of getting pissed at Brand, she disses herself. Argh!
Luckily it did get better, but this did stick with me and the rating does reflect the above.
I wish Addy had stood up to Brand more. Way too popular phrases in this book: "This I will not allow." and "You will...." (add what you want here). Addy's mom Bitsy is too overbearing even if she grows on you as the book progresses. On one of the first meetings with her in the book, Addy thought this: "She felt her liver curl and her lungs shrivel to husks under the heat of that maternal stare."
Okay, now the good/funny:
Dooley the talking dog, Brand and Ansgar not getting the slang and pop culture of modern day AL, the widow cutting off her dead husband's penis (he was cheating), the boys getting drunk on chocolate, Ansgar's nickname "Prince Flaxen Fart," and Meredith getting her comeuppance.
There are 2 other books in this series. Won't be reading them.