Con & Conjure

Con & Conjure - Lisa Shearin

Much better than book 4.  I liked that more of Raine's family was in this one.  I enjoyed the dynamic between everyone (now if all families were that loving and supportive of each other).  I liked that, despite everything, those that know Raine, know she would never do anything that would hurt them.  Nice twist (and resolution) with the assassin(s).  A bit of a cliffhanger at the end.  We will see how book 6, All Spell Break Loose wraps everything up.  

(Potentially a 7th book that's a WIP now.  Looks like it will be self-published.)

One of the funniest parts was when Raine glamoured herself to look like a certain man.  

"I felt his/my chest and grimaced. Then I quickly unbuttoned the front enough to take a look.  The man had a bird chest.  I flexed my right thigh against my left and then my left against my right.

"Ah, hell with it."  I pulled my trouser out from my waist and looked down."