Loving Lord Ash

Loving Lord Ash - Sally MacKenzie

When it was all said and done I enjoyed this one and stayed up to finish it. I adored Kit (Ash) and Jess. Yes, their reason for staying apart would have been so easily solved if they just TALKED. That part was frustrating. But, in their time apart, they both matured. I LOVED that Ash was a virgin and Jess was his one and only. That was refreshing and uncommon in this genre.
(Now I'm on my soapbox, just for a bit....Yes, I saw some reviews that bitched about it not being realistic- an heir to a major title marrying a servant, the gay servants- but I really don't care. It's fiction and one could argue most of the historical romance isn't realistic either. Who cares? I don't. Because of that, it was a little different. And I welcomed that.)