Feral Sins

Feral Sins  - Suzanne  Wright

Full disclosure:  The synopsis of this book didn't appeal to me.  At all.  But I needed a book to borrow from the Prime Leading Library and I thought, many decent reviews.  So, where start? 

Not a fan of the world; if you are different or seen as less means being property and being used as a pawn with no choices.  I didn't like Taryn and Trey's first (and several subsequent) sexual encounters.  I recognize it was explained as making sure/proving a dominate was "worthy" of their mate's submission.  It made me uneasy when Taryn said "no," but sex happened anyway.  I didn't like that being submissive meant 100% domination.  "..I own you."  "Taking what is mine."  "I'll mark you wherever I want."  "And I'll fuck my little bitch whenever I want."  Don't get me wrong, the sex scenes were hot, but I felt they were mainly about Trey asserting his dominance.  Domination first, pleasure second. He would tell him he owned her body and could do whatever, whenever he wanted with it. (Say what?!).  Granted, towards the end, their scenes together were more balanced.  I just wish that balance had occurred sooner or been there from the start.

I'm surprised I kept reading and gave it 3 stars (for me a 3 is average; neither bad nor great).  I did like the writing and found I wanted to know what happened.  I adored Taryn and her snappy comments.  I also liked her strength.  Shockingly, I also somewhat liked Trey.  He was so emotionally stunted, I had to see what happened.  

Not sure if I will read more in this series.  If they are like this one (with the dominance), nope.  I would like a more equal sexual relationship (and if someone says no, it means no.  No mixed messages about proving worthiness.  I call bullshit on that).