Game for Anything

Game for Anything - Bella Andre

I really liked that Ty not only loved and was good at his job, but at other things as well. The same goes for Julie. I did think Julie quickly jumped to her own conclusions and didn't give the other party a chance to explain.
They got together super fast. I would have liked more exploration of their childhoods (and how it shaped the adults they are), I thought that part was settled very quickly. Instead, what was brought up repeatedly (in cause my brain wasn't working), was Julie's wealth and privilege and Ty's being from a trailer park.
What got super annoying was reading how hot Ty is and how women just can't help themselves when around him- ".."quivering masses of hormones." His supreme hotness was brought up, at least in the first half, EVERY FREAKING CHAPTER!" If I was playing a drinking game, I'd be drunk and passed out easily by chapter 10.