Lust - Charlotte Featherstone

So, there is this curse. The curse can only be broken with the 7 Virtues coming to the Unseelie court of their own free will to mate with the 7 Sins. This first book (looks like no further books are forthcoming) is Chastity's (as her name implies) and Thane (Lust's) story.
Chastity also has 3 sisters- Prudence, Mercy, and Mary. There was a wonderful twist on Mary at the end of the book. However, I don't think that plot line will come to fruition since this appears to be it.
I didn't like how all the sisters were talked about as possessions. I really couldn't but into Chastity and Thane's romance. For most of the book, Thane hides who/what he is and manipulates Chastity's emotions, and makes her forget things that happen between them. All of a sudden, she was in love. The perfume idea was both something different and creepy.