A Ranger for the Holidays

A Ranger for the Holidays (Lone Star Cowboy League) - Allie Pleiter
I'm a sucker for the got hurt and must help nurse back to health story line. It's even better if there is some amnesia involved. This was also my first Love Inspired in the Harlequin romance line. I probably should have known better. It's not likely I will pick another one of these up.
Confession: I'm not religious. So, all the "God this," "God that," "praise the Lord!," was too much for my taste. I also like sex in my romances. This one had: hand holding x 1, hugging x 2 (however one wasn't romantic), kissing x 2 (technically even though both kissing episodes are in the same scene, I was nice and counted it).
Now on to the characters. Finn was the perfect, mysterious hero, with a past (or does he since he has amnesia!). His past was heartbreaking when it was revealed.
Amelia was too perfect and at times judgmental when others didn't behave/act the way she thought they should. I also thought that she was a doormat at times; she didn't know how to say no. It seemed she, literally, was involved in EVERY charitable act that happened in the town. There was not a pot she didn't have her hand in. It was exhausting!