A Bad Boy for Christmas

A Bad Boy for Christmas - Jessica Lemmon
I really liked both Connor and Faith (Cupcake), both as a couple and individually. The lead-up and actualization of their romance was well done. Having not read the previous 2 books, there were a few moments were I felt I missed something, but that didn't take away from my overall enjoyment. What kept this from being a 4* for me were 2 things, both minor, but I found a little irritating. The first was the book synopsis (being snowbound for Christmas); this doesn't occur until after 250 pgs and while some revelations were had by both Connor and Faith, this played a small part of the plot/book IMO. The second was the birth control. Faith mentions she is on the pill, but then later she's late and oh boy wouldn't you know it, she's always been irregular. Um, that's ONE of the reasons a woman/girl might be started on the pill. If you're on the pill, and taking it like you should, you WILL KNOW WHEN YOUR PERIOD IS. That inaccuracy annoyed me.