Lord of Misrule (Vol 1)

Lord of Misrule: Ritual (Volume 1) - JS Hope

Had a good start. Alex is an investigative reporter with big dreams and ambition. She pitches an idea and get the go-ahead to investigate and write it. There is this rumor about a sex cult that practices sacrifice and debauchery to improve/keep their wealth/popularity. She finds a person of interest, but instead of taking it easy and being smart, she thinks about how hot he is. "She found herself wondering what it would be like to go to bed with him." Huh?! WTF? This is someone who might be a murder, but lets sleep with him! So take a wild guess at what Alex does. Yep, you'd be right on. In addition to that dumb ass move, there is also no mention of condoms, birth control, etc.
Ends with a cliffhanger. I've had enough of stupid.