Maybe This Christmas

Maybe This Christmas - Sarah Morgan

I put this one off since I wasn't crazy about Tyler from the previous 2 books (he was immature, selfish, moody) and I thought Brenna was a doormat. And all that is true for this book too. Because of the strength of the writing, I kept reading and I'm glad I did. Once I got into it, this book was hard to put down and I wanted Brenna's (and Ty's) happy ending.
Tyler's grief about losing his skiing career borders on "poor MEEEEEEEEE," until he (finally) focuses on things he realizes he enjoys doing too. Hey, the dude can still ski. Brenna finally finds her inner backbone and the book changes and gets so much better from that point on.
That ending was a nice surprise (I mean you know a certain outcome is expected, but this, well, took it a step further).