Saving the CEO

Saving the CEO (Entangled Indulgence) (49th Floor Novels) - Jenny Holiday

Hot damn, I enjoyed this one! The title is fitting. This was a refreshing change from the employee/boss relationship where the power balance is skewed too far to one side (IMO). Cassie is doing just fine, she's a bartender supporting herself through school while also trying to help her mother. Jack is a business guru, but he has a weakness and that is numbers. Not only are they highly attracted to each other, but Jack needs Cassie's math skills. Cassie is intelligent, competent, and holds her own. I appreciated that Jack wasn't perfect. They both grow into friendship (with benefits) that (of course) developed into more. They are supportive when its needed. I liked how this worked out, but would have liked more at the end. I felt it was a little rushed.
I would recommend this to anyone who likes the boss/employee trope (this is similar, but different) or anyone who likes a good contemporary. First time author that I enjoyed and have gotten the second book Sleeping With Her Enemy which is about Amy (one of Jack's employees) and Dax (who shares office space with Jack's company).