Soulless: The Immortal Gene #1 - Jacinta Maree
Dystopian world, souls are "recycled," meaning there is no end. People are born, they live, and die. Cycle repeats, only they keep the memories of the previous life. A single remembered past life quickly becomes multiple remembered lives. The rich remember and keep their status. The poor also keep their status. No longer any chance of social movement. People are only out for themselves. Parental love? Gone. Trust? Nope.
Let's where Nadia comes in. She is different. She doesn't have the past memories. She is a blank slate. The scans that they use to identify people/past identities read her as null, she has no "soul imprint."
I found the world to be interesting, but depressing. Literally, there are no positives in this world. No happiness, compassion, empathy. It's dark, ugly, hateful. Nadia's own parents sell her. She's tortured, an experiment.
The other primary individual is Diesel. His motivations are unknown. I fluctuated between thinking I "got" him, to not having a clue. He is, like Nadia, an unlikable character. While I understand why they are like the way they are, I didn't like either one, and therefore didn't really care what happened to either one. I really didn't like the hint of romance between him and Nadia.
Be forewarned, the ending is a cliffhanger.
I noticed a few typos, the worst being the use of hyperthermia -> should be hypothermia.

Copy received from Inked Rabbit Publishing/Netgalley for review. Thank you Inked Rabbit Publishing and Netgalley!