Claimed - Sarah Fine

This picks up right where Marked left off, but the focus is about a different couple.  This is Galena and Declan's story.  Galena is a super brain and is working on a vaccine that would protect humanity from super bugs.  Antibiotics and antivirals are insignificant in this future and largely ineffective.  Both the Ker and the Ferry make a lot of money off death.  Luckily most what her to succeed.  But not all. 

Galena shares more about her sexual assault that was mentioned in book 1.  Eli's role is also spotlighted.  I liked how the romance developed more slowly between Galena and Declan (well slowly for romanceville- no insta love/lust here.)

Moros is also losing control of his Ker.  This question about who was answered in this book.  There is also much more definitely more going on.  I'm looking forward to Fated which is Ashlin's story.  Both Claimed and Marked have HEA for their couples.  The underlying story line carries through each book and some questions are answered.  A few more questions without answer carry over the book 3, Fated.  Best read when read in order. 

Was my Amazon Prime borrow for December.