Riding Temptation

Riding Temptation - Jaci Burton

Virgin alert!

I didn't like this one as much as the first.  I liked Jessie.  She goes after what she wants, she's smart and is no shrinking violet.  She is fully capable to standing up for herself.  So it was a disappointment she was paired with a character who kept referring to her as a kid and kept questioning her abilities.  Diaz was too overprotective, possessive, and jealous all at different points in the book.  He'd get upset and accuse Jess of "flirting," while what was Spence doing the whole time?  Argh!

Now I didn't like how Jess kept throwing herself at Diaz.  One time hon.  Then find yourself someone else that will give you the time of day.  

I didn't appreciate Stephanie being branded a slut.  "So she was a slut."  That is and should be offensive to any women reading this book.  It's a double standard and shameful because the "Wild Riders" crew can and do have sex if applicable to their missions/assignments. What was Spence doing?  Oh yes, getting it on with that slut Stephanie.  Liking sex and having it should be okay regardless of your gender, sexual preference, etc as long as it's consensual and safe.  It was disappointing that that message was not here (in an erotica novel).

The first chapter of book 3, Spence's story Riding on Instinct, was included so I started to read it and stopped.  I didn't like Spence's interactions with Shadoe.  (Instead of Shadow, huh, whatever).  Don't think I'll bother with the rest of this series.  Fail.