Driven - Kelley Armstrong

Release date is Jan 31st.
Can I say it was so wonderful to be back in this world?! Most of the gang is here; Elena, Clay, Nick, Vanessa, Malcolm (who rejoins the pack). Some brief scenes with Jeremy, the twins, Reese, Noah, and Karl. Davis may or may not become the newest member of the pack.
So someone is hunting the Cains. For what, we do find out at the end. Someone is hunting werewolves and that makes it Pack business. This is a good start, middle, and end.
I liked how Malcolm kept talking about the "old" ways of doing things in contrast to the "new." Lets say that the "new" is better and more inclusive of other individuals. This series has grown and evolved and I love that.
Some formatting problems with my Kindle (like a sentence missing the first letter in the beginning word- missing letter would be directly underneath on the next line and broken sentences- half would be there and the other on the next line)

ARC received in exchange for review from Subterranean Press/Netgalley. Thank you!