Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming - Cassandra Page

Melaina's dad is an Oneiroi. Mom is human. She's a hybrid. Her birth was highly unusual because the Oneiroi aren't able to physically manifest. Her mom is in a facility because she is only able to be with Melaina's dad when she is asleep. So, she sleeps a lot. Which of course, is selfish because she has a kid. So, Melaina was raised by her uncle.
Melaina has the ability to walk in other's dreams. In this way, she helps and provides a service. She helps an individual by removing a blight (a malicious creature that causes nightmares, sleep walking, etc). Things go to hell from there, and Melaina is almost strangled, things happen with her family. She must figure out what is going on.
I enjoyed this. This was nicely different, I think, because of the Oneiroi (Greek mythology) and an Australian author and setting. The Oneiroi have the power to shape/alter dreams. It is an ability that can be used positively or negatively depending on the individual.
This is mostly a complete story. There are a handful of lose ends that lead me to think this might be the first book of a series. Nice twist on her parentage (potentially answering a question, but adding at least 2 more that need answers).
I would recommend to those that like urban fantasy and want a different supernatural group.

Copy received in exchange for review from Cassandra Page/Netgalley.