Darkfever (Fever #1) - Karen Marie Moning

I've heard good things about this series and I thought, "I'm going to finally get around to reading this!"  

Warning, rant ahead.

The Good:  I got through it.  Finished it.  World building is interesting.

The Bad:  Mac.  It opened with her working on getting skin cancer (oops, I mean a tan!). She's got zero ambition, so when she up and went to Ireland, I thought, "okay, maybe she's going to grow up."  I got tired of hearing about how much she loved pink, her nails, what she was wearing, etc.  I wanted to smack her.  She had several TSTL moments.  I also didn't and couldn't believe she went from this person who didn't do anything too physical to this awesome fighter with minimal training.  And could she say "Huh?" any more frequently?  

Barrons:  To deliberately physically hurt someone to make a point makes you a bully and an asshole.  He was condescending.  (Now Mac, deserved some of that, but consistently?)  

Will take a pass on the rest of this series.