Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day (Lucky Harbor, #6) - Jill Shalvis
So, I enjoyed this. Nice read. But, there were enough things that irked me to decide to not give this a 4. This one finishes the series arc with the friends Mallory, Amy, and Grace. This is an enjoyable town and the secondary characters bring humor. One positive of this series, is each book stands alone on it's own. You don't have to read in order. My anal retention self has too, but that is me. Haha.
I thought Josh was too much of a workaholic; to the determent of family life. That changes (I think I'd have thrown the book across the room if not). Grace was very caring, but clueless (about her life and what she wants) and clumsy (I lost trip of how much she tripped/stumbled- or almost did). So I was easily frustrated with her. I did like her interactions with Anna. She knew how to talk/handle her.
A quote that I loved:
"I love how you've both figured out what was missing in your lives and went out and got it for yourselves."
"You know what was missing wasn't a man, right?" Amy asked."
And one I didn't:
"I think you have a case of being a little girl." (stop being a wuss) I HATE that phrase because whether it's in print or verbally said, it's meant as an insult. I wish that *female* authors would stop using that phrase. We were all little girls at one time.