Your Planet or Mine?

Your Planet or Mine? (Otherworldly Men, Book 1) - Susan Grant

When Jana was a little girl, she meet a boy stuck in the tree outside her bedroom window. She was also mute, but after meeting him, was able to talk. This boy, whom she thought was imaginary, stuck with her. Cavin, the boy, also never forgot her. He comes to earth again to warn her about an invasion.
This was a light, fluffy romance that didn't take itself too seriously and just perfect to read on a cloudy afternoon. I liked that Jana was a politician, who got into it "for the right reasons." I really like the Terminator movies, but all references date this book. Also, couldn't the governor of CA have a different name?? Instead of Schwarzenegger, it was Schwarzkopf- a real name (Gen Norman Schwarzkopf). I also liked the idea of the second story-line, (who is trying to smear/get rid of the Jaspers) but it flat-lined. In all, just too much was going on (impending invasion, assassin(s), smear campaigns, etc).