The Ghost Exterminator

The Ghost Exterminator - Vivi Andrews

Jo is a medium who sees ghosts and it able to help them "transcend." Wyatt is the business man who hires the company she works for to deal with his "ghost problem." Jo and Wyatt are complete opposites. This was laugh-out-loud hilarious in places. While, I liked Jo right off the bat, Wyatt was an uptight asshole. It took some reading to gradually like him too.
Well done, entertaining. I liked the supporting characters too. Karma is intriguing and hopefully she gets her story too. I especially liked Angelica and Teddy.
Off topic, but the the publisher of this book, Samhain Publishing, is closing. (So I went and bought some titles I've eyeing with a giftcard I got). They are still paying loyalties and rights will (gradually) be reverting back to authors. (Unlike some other publishers that have ceased operations).