Trial by Desire

Trial by Desire - Courtney Milan

Ned and Kate married young. After 3 months Ned decides to go to China to oversee family holdings there. He is gone 3 years. Of course while he is gone, life moves along. I loved what Kate took on in her spare time and I enjoyed that secondary story. I also liked how they were both faithful to each other. (I think it would have ruined this for me if they didn't).
It did get annoying that Ned wouldn't share what he felt. I didn't like that asking for help was seen as a weakness and not a strength. At least at first anyway. I liked how mental illness was portrayed (pretty sure bi-polar- that is my educated guess) in a time where it wasn't understand, nor was there any treatment (except commitment in an asylum- and history tells how deplorable conditions were in them).
A favorite quote: "It was time to start becoming the husband he could be."