Real - Katy Evans

Well, I didn't care for Brooke's BFF, I thought she was shallow. Remy and Brooke's romance was okay. There were some hot moments (fan me please!) and several eye-roll moments. For me, the not-so-great moments stand out not only because there were so many, but also because theirs was not a healthy relationship (IMO). So why a 3? Mainly because I liked that the sex didn't happen right away and it was an entertaining read for me.
I wasn't that crazy about the violence and how it was a turn-on for many women. "My sex muscles clench every time he hits his opponent,..." Yes, that just *so* sexy!
"My genetically induced mating instincts...." No, this wasn't a paranormal, fantasy, nor was it science fiction. "Oh god, he's scenting me." You mean smelling? Then, how would a cute on the lip be a turn-on? Ewww. "Haunted by his full, sexy month with its recent cut on his lower lip..." That damn cut was mentioned 7 times!  Then there was his possessiveness. Not sexy. Run in the other direction. Now.
I also want to speak about a main character being bi-polar. That's great, but I wish it had been portrayed more realistically. For example, Remy's manic episodes out number his depressive (it should be the opposite) and they changed very quickly. One thing that was right was paying attention and recognizing certain signs that a manic episode was coming on, but was also resistant to any type of medication. There is a difference between proper medicating, monitoring vs pure over-medication. I understood his reasoning at first d/t his history, but that was as a kid. He is an adult now.