Against the Wall

Against the Wall - Dee J. Adams

Jess works for a shady Hollywood producer. Tanner was friend's with Maurice's (the producer) son who committed a felony. The son got off and Tanner was found guilty. I liked the twist with who the Son's lawyer was.
This started out iffy, Jess ended up being kidnapped by Tanner. They then decide to work together. Good villain. Great family. I liked that there wasn't any insta-love, but a slower love story (the ending is about 6 months after the beginning).
I probably would have enjoyed this more (despite Tanner kidnapping Jess and they subsequently falling for each other) if the following hadn't been in the book:
"She hadn't been a virgin, but she was no a slut either....."
Bad girls are sexually experienced and therefore sluts. I'm taking this a step further and also saying that bad girls also like sex and have had great sex.
Good girls are either virgins or very sexually inexperienced. Again taking this a step further and if they've had sex, it's been bad sex.
These tropes (or themes) need to disappear. Unfortunately this isn't the first, nor will it be the last book where I find this trope/theme.