Tycoon Takedown

Tycoon Takedown (Lone Star Burn Book 2) - Ruth Cardello

Melanie has been Tony's housekeeper since she unexpectedly got pregnant in college with a one-night stand. Charles is Sarah's brother. Melanie and Charles first meet in book 1 (Taken, Not Spurred - which was originally published as Gentling the Cowboy) when she throws lemonade on him. They meet up again when Melanie goes to New York on a mission regarding her son Jace.
I liked Melanie in the first book and was looking forward to her story and it didn't disappoint. I liked Melanie's reaction when she was mugged and how that was parlayed into a handful of other things in the book. While they burned hot and heavy during the first part, the second was more about them getting to know each other and......compromising. That was very nice.
They also helped each other with their own demons and came out the other side as wiser and better for it.