Enclave - Ann Aguirre

Man, what a dark, depressing book!  So, an apocalyptic event occurs, wiping out life as known.  It's a mystery exactly what, until later in the book there are hints to it.  Some people were evacuated to a safer area, while the others were left behind to fend for themselves.  Some settled in the tunnels and others in the city.

In the tunnels, life is hard and short.  Everyone has a job; they are either a Breeder, Builder, or Hunter.  The elders are in their 20s.  They are stuck in their ways and don't want to hear new ideas or even suggestions.  This, in part, is what leads to Deuce's exile.

Deuce starts out very, very naive.  This world is cruel and any type of empathy is seen as a weakness.  So, victims are blamed for what happens to them.  It explained why Stalker has zero respect for Tegan, and also why he admired Deuce so much.  The reason for this not being a 4, was the potential setup for Stalker to be one of Deuce's love interests. Fuck no.  Love triangles I can deal with, but not when one of them is a cruel misogynist.  

The books ends with Deuce realizing there are multiple kinds of strength (and this is why I bumped my rating up 1/2 a star).  Overall, this was interesting and I'm curious enough to see what this goes.