Descended From Dragons

Descended from Dragons - Tricia Owens

Anne Moody runs a pawn shop that she inherited in Las Vegas. Someone comes in and pawns a gargoyle. Unbeknownst to Anne, that gargoyle is possessed. What ensues next is fixing that.
I liked the diverse characters. Anne is half Chinese. Melanie (Anne's best friend) is Latino. Multiple different paranormal groups in this one as well. I enjoyed the interactions between all of the characters; including Anne's neighbors Celestina and Orlaton.
There is a hint of a romantic relationship towards the end. There is a mystery regarding Anne's uncle (she inherited the shop from him) and how he disappeared. I would also say there is a mystery regarding Anne's parents as well (was their accident really an accident?). Who (and maybe what) are the Oddsmakers?
Enjoyable. And will keep an eye out for the next.
This was my favorite quote, "I'm sorry, but if a rattle holding, cowboy hat wearing monkey on a wolf didn't pique your interest, then you must be dead inside."

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