Zero Factor

Zero Factor - Stacy Gail

In the future, anyone who has psionic abilities is considered property of the government. They are taken from their home and family to serve the government.  Via is one such person who has, so far, lived her life in fear to the point she's just surviving, not really living.  She part of a transport ship to bring food to a military base. While there, she accidentally touches Locke and see his death at the hands of someone he trusts.  

I thought Locke was overbearing at first, but realizes it later.  His upbringing was so different from Via's.  Fynn was the perfect villain who thought none of the rules applied to him.  The romance is quick, but this being a novella, I expected that.  

I liked the world.  Cedrine is an interesting character that I would like to read about.  I also really liked who the Lady Pirate turned out to be.  The title of the book plays into the story as well and I liked that.