Taken Home

Taken Home (Lone Star Burn) - Ruth Cardello

Disclaimer: I didn't like Mason in the last book (Tycoon Takedown) and my opinion didn't change tat much. I might dislike him a little less.
Mason needs a fake fiance stat! Enter Chelle. She is 25 and very sheltered. There were moments I felt she was younger. She's a Virgin. I'm going to say this too- I am so tired of virgins (always the woman) in contemporaries, paranormals, and urban fantasy. The guy is always so experienced (and it's okay, he isn't judged for it). ("He goes through women like some people go through bottles of water.")
Mason has Baggage and Secrets. I thought Chelle put up with a lot without getting an adequate explanation. I also didn't like the ultimatum.
The weakest of this series.