Hot on His Heels

Hot on His Heels (What Happens in Vegas) - Margo Bond Collins

I'm a fan of the mistaken identity trope. Sign me up! Sadie is a college professor who is writing a book on feminism in romance. She is trying to score an interview with one of the top editors and been unsuccessful thus far. She keeps running into this hot guy, Jake. Jake, unbeknownst to her, is the person she is looking for.
Let me say, the title is perfect for this book. I liked the two supporting characters, Amelia and Kamille, more than Sadie and Jake. Amelia and Kamille were likable, funny, and supportive.
Jake annoyed me a handful of times. He's got a Reason for his pen name. Luckily, he "sees the light," and changes. There were a handful of times his thoughts didn't jive for me (keep in mind his chosen profession as an editor of erotic romance novels in which women are the primary readership). The first time was at Bingo, when he was spinning a roller cage of entries for the big prize of a date with a cover model. He thought, "Bunch of desperate women out there." Huh?! Granted, right after, he acknowledged (mentally) they helped with bills. He edits romance, does a good job at it, but thinks the women who read it are desperate. That's so nice (Said with a sarcastic tone)! The second time was when he was a cover model. He thought it was "...demeaning to him." Again, bills are paid and he chose to do that.
Then, there is Sadie. For someone who was a college professor, she was very unsure of herself. I also thought at times she was a bit of a stalker (following picture on twitter feed to figure out where said picture was taken to find that person). I didn't like her first thought after discovering Jocelyn's true identity. (I thought, you bitch!). What happened after was so quick, if you blinked, you missed it. The reveal and wrap-up happened a little to quickly.
Do I believe that Sadie and Jake were in love? No. Lust? Oh hell yes.
I loved the literary quotes throughout the book. They were worked in so beautifully.

Release date: July 18th
eARC courtesy of NetGalley and Entangled Publishing