For Keeps

For Keeps - Rachel Lacey

I liked this more than the first book Unleashed. Merry is the founder of TBR (Triangle Boxer Rescue) and because she got used to a large monthly donation, didn't learn how to fund raise. So now, she's in a tight pinch. She meets T.J. by chance at the vet. She gets the opportunity to work with children at a day camp in exchange for a sizable donation to her rescue. Of course, the person in charge of the camp is that hot guy she briefly meet at the vet office.
Merry has baggage and the clues lead the reader to easily guess what her tragedy was. She had kept it quiet, not telling her best friend, or anybody. T.J. was a large animal vet who had a BAD experience with a group of dogs that lead to a weariness and discomfort around them. This was a nice romance about two people sharing their tragedies, growing from that, healing, and of course falling in love. I liked the dynamic of the disabled children and teaching obedience to rescue dogs. It felt genuine to me; like the author did her research/or has experience in dog training.
My only complaint and why this wasn't a 4 star:

I loved that Merry decided to foster Jayden and I loved how involved T.J. was. My issue was this, "He'd be a kick-ass dad someday." YOU ARE FOSTER PARENTS TO A BABY, YOU ARE HIS PARENTS. And yes, his biological mother is working to get him back. But not calling him a dad right now, was wrong. He IS ONE. Yes, they are his foster parents, but the job still comes with the same responsibilities as any biological children. I would also argue that they are the human parents to the numerous dogs, horses that they are the guardians for. (this last comment coming from someone who doesn't have kids, but considers her 3 cats her kids).

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