To Kiss a Thief

To Kiss a Thief - Susanna Craig

St John needed to marry for money. He resented and hated that. His father picked out Sarah, a rich merchant's daughter. During their courtship and for the first weeks of their marriage, St John remained aloof, resentful and determined not to care. Sarah, meanwhile, dreams of a love match and does fall in love with her husband. She overhears him telling a friend of his something that she doesn't want to hear. Distraught, she ends up in a situation where she finds herself both accused of stealing, but also of cheating. No one stands up for her or defends her. So, at her mother-in-law's suggestion, she runs.
After the prologue, the book picks up 3 years later. St John and Sarah were both well developed and layered characters that I liked. I had sympathy for both, but more for Sarah. She had no one in her corner and it was hard when St John would think the worst of her. Often. St John was harder to like because of his willingness to believe the worst of Sarah. However, that made it all the sweeter when he fell in love. In the beginning, they were both immature. At the end, because of what happened in the three years they were apart, they had more life experience and were so much the better for it.
I also appreciated the historical note at the end in regards to the slave trade. I am definitely interested in more of this author's works.

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Scheduled for publication on August 16th 2016