The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo

The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo - Kerrelyn Sparks

While it has been some time since I read the last book, it was easy to get back into the story. There are enough recaps that I didn't feel like I was missing anything. The best thing about this series is the humor and interaction between all the characters. Dougal and his prosthetic hand have some moments.
The biggest "issue" I had was Dougal and Leah. Dougal was full of self-pity, woe is me. Leah was meek and pathetic. It got better, but I had a hard time getting over my first impressions of them.
The action in this one switches back to China and Master Han. There are also (warrior) angels and the demon Darafer. About time too, since (if my memory serves) it was a few books back with an abrupt switch from China back to the Malcontents.
I'm on the fence about continuing and finishing out this series. Frankly, I've lost interest. The characters that I liked the most all had their stories and HEAs told.