The One You Want

The One You Want (Original Heartbreakers) - Gena Showalter

This hit on the double standard women face. Kenna is judged by her mother's behavior and her own sexual assault when she was a teenager. She had a baby from that event and she was drunk, so she must be a whore- just like her mother. Of course, Dane isn't colored by his father's behavior (Kenna's mom and his dad were having an affair) and Dane is the one who sleeps around. Shocker there.
I loved Kenna. She works hard for what she has and puts her daughter first. Her friends aren't half back either. She and Dane reconnect at their parent's engagement party (yep, the cheaters are gittin hitched). Dane's still punishing himself for an accident that killed his brother. It took longer to warm up to Dane. He is a judgmental asshole as first. But they talk (and do other things- wink, wink) and the rest is history.
Good introduction to series.